The chronological history of Plain City. Ohio.

1761 Aug. 4 Birth of Rev. Jeremiah Converse, a pioneer Methodist minister
1773 Sept. 17 Birth of Jonathan Alder, first white settler in Madison County
1774 Sept. 26 Birth of John Chapman, surveyor of Westminster and Pleasant Valley
1782 March Jonathan Alder captured by Mingo Indian Tribe
1795   Jonathan Alder married an Indian woman named Barshaw
1797   Lucas Sullivant recorded a plat in Jerome Township called North Liberty, later abandoned
1797 July 25 Birth of Isaac Bigelow, founder of Westminster
1798 Oct. 29 Joshua and James Ewing settled in Union County. First white settlers.
1799 Nov. 4 Birth of Jesse Mitchell, first white child born in Union County
1803 Jan. 11 Edward Tiffin elected first governor of Ohio
1803 Mar. 1 Ohio became the 17th State
1804 Mar. 26 Birth of Otway Curry – legislator, journalist and poet
1806   Jonathan Alder built log cabin and married Mary Blount
1807 Mar. 7 Earliest grave found in old Darby Township Cemetery Stephen Winget
1808 June 15 Lower Liberty Presbyterian Church organized by Rev. Archibald Steel. First Pastor – Rev. Samuel Woods – ordained this date.
1810 Mar. 1 Madison County formed
1810 Mar. 1 Big Darby Baptist Church was formed
1810   Daniel Taylor and his brother bought land along Big Darby Creek.
1810 Spring Post Road, from Worthington to Urbana, opened. First gravel road in the area. Now State Route 161.
1812   Methodist Church was organized
1815   Earliest Presbyterian Church was built on the banks of Big Darby Creek.
1817 Aug. 23 Birth of Sammy Taylor – donor of the Town Clock
1818 June 11 Westminster surveyed by David Chapman
1818 June 23 James Ewing appointed first Postmaster of Darby Creek Post Office.
1820 March 29 Albert N. Converse appointed Postmaster
1820 April 1 Union County formed from parts of Madison, Delaware, Franklin, Logan and part of the Indian Territory.
1820   Indians left Madison County
1821 March 12 Jerome Township organized
1821   Dedication of Methodist Block Church
1823 June 23 Westminster name changed to Pleasant Valley
1823 Aug. 16 Death of Dr. Israel Bigelow, father of Isaac
1826   New California Presbyterian Church was organized
1831 Sept. 23 Birth of James Thomas Black. State legislator. Built the two Black Buildings.
1832 Feb. 2 William Atkinson founded the Farmer’s Bank
1832   Universalist Church was organized
1836   The “Old Red Brick” Presbyterian Church constructed.
1837 Mar. 22 Daniel Bigelow appointed Postmaster
1837 June 26 Death of Rev. Jeremiah Converse – pioneer Methodist Minister and Revolutionary War Veteran
1839 Feb. 16 Pleasant Valley incorporated
1842 Dec. Isaac Bigelow elected Mayor of Pleasant Valley
1843 Aug. 17 Isaac Bigelow appointed Postmaster.
1848   Small brick Methodist Church constructed – north side of East Main Street.
1849 Jan. 30 Death of Jonathan Alder
1850’s   Pleasant Valley was an important station of the Underground Railroad.
1850 Feb. 21 Peter Gudtner appointed Postmaster
1850 June 9 Birth of Charles Jones – breeder of Percheron Horses – owner of Pleasant Valley Farm.
1852 Jan. 25 Pleasant Valley Odd Fellows Lodge chartered
1852 May 11 Birth of Charles Fairbanks – took office as Vice President of The U. S. with Theodore Roosevelt.
1853 July 4 First train from Columbus to Urbana passes through Pleasant Valley.
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